At EcoFriendly Foods, all of our birds are raised on pasture. Poultry with unlimited access to fresh air, sunshine, and fresh pasture always produce the highest quality, best tasting eggs and meat.

By now, most folks have heard of “Pastured Poultry.” This phrase, popularized by Joel Salatin and others, means that the birds were actually raised with their feet on the grass from the time they were old enough to stand the elements (about 2-3 weeks old) until harvest.

Following Joel’s model, our birds are raised in coops that get moved every single day. With such frequent rotations, no pathogens or manure ever build up, and the birds have fresh pasture every morning. This daily fresh pasture ensures that our birds have abundant access to a well-balanced diet, full of protein-rich insects and larva, medicinal plants and grasses, seeds, legumes, etc. And just to make sure they’re meeting all of their nutritional needs, we also supplement their diet with a mixture of locally-sourced grains and legumes, kitchen scraps, and salt and minerals. Occasionally they even get a little apple cider vinegar or raw milk – both of which are fantastic medicine. They really help our birds adapt to any kind of environmental stresses, especially extreme heat or wet-cold.

What we ARE and what we ARE NOT?

Organic? Grass Fed? Pastured? Humane? Local?

  • We are not certified organic.
  • We use no herbicides or pesticides on the pastures where our birds live.
  • We use no hormones or artificial growth stimulants.
  • Our poultry are free of antibiotics.
  • Our poultry are pasture-raised.
  • Our birds are never de-beaked.
  • Our poultry are regionally raised within the Cheaspeake Bay watershed.

To learn more about how our pastured poultry are raised, check out the links below:

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Meet our Poultry Farmers:

Homer Kissinger (Oakland, MD)

Bill Shutie | Tall Cotton Farm (Afton, VA)


We consider transparency to be one of the most critical elements in developing sustainable relationships with our customers. If you have any questions about our family of farmers, or about any other link in the EcoFriendly food chain, please feel free to contact us.