Our Mission

empowering viable food cultures – through research & development, 
education & training, and food production assistance programs


Our Strategy 

  • Advocate for the creation, replication, and/or restoration of infrastructure and logistics that provide all farmers and food producers with equal access to processing, distribution, and consumer demand
  • Connect entrepreneurial young farmers with land, livestock, and capital
  • Provide hands-on training and career advancement opportunities for beginning and/or struggling farmers
  • Organize collaborative networks of sustainable livestock producers
  • Train chefs in the art of butchering and whole-carcass utilization
  • Facilitate the creation of collaborative food-crafting and food-vending businesses
  • Collaborate with governments, institutions, NGO’s, non-profits, etc. to provide young people with viable career opportunities within the fields of agriculture, food-crafting, and food service
  • Educate consumers about the many benefits of pasture-based animal production (e.g. ecological, economic, social, health, etc.)
  • Educate urban and rural communities about their food-interdependence with one another; Encourage understanding, dialogue, and food-business partnerships
  • Utilize technology and social media to engage a broader audience in solution-focused dialogue about food, agriculture, and sustainability
  • Research the most innovative agricultural practices and rural technologies from around the world, adapt and develop these on our model farms, and share this knowledge with the public

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