Our Animals

At EcoFriendly Foods, all of our animals are raised outdoors on pasture, in an environment that provides them with everything that they need to be healthy and happy. After all, it’s the healthy, happy animals – with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and green grass – that produce the highest quality, best tasting meats!

Our Production Standards at a glance

What we ARE and what we ARE NOT?
  • We are not certified organic.
  • We use no herbicides or pesticides on the pastures where our animals live.
  • We use no hormones or artificial growth stimulants.
  • Our animals are free of antibiotics.
  • Our animals are 100% pasture-raised.
  • Our animals are regionally raised within either the Cheaspeake Bay or North Carolina Sounds watersheds.
To learn about our animals and how they are raised, use the navigation bar to the right, or simply click on the pictures below. 




We consider transparency to be one of the most critical elements in developing sustainable relationships with our customers. If you have any questions about our family of farmers, or about any other link in the EcoFriendly food chain, please feel free to contact us.