Our Farmers

When it comes to quality, EcoFriendly Foods has some of the highest standards in the meat industry. While we pride ourselves on our humane slaughter methods, our artisinal butchering, our creative foodcrafting, and our careful, neat packaging, our farmers are by far the most important ingredient in guaranteeing quality. It doesn’t matter how good we are at our job as a butcher and a processor; unless our farmers’ animals are healthy and happy, we cannot ensure our customers a quality product. A healthy, happy animal = a tasty animal. And so, we only work with farmers who have a personal, moral commitment to raising HEALTHY, HAPPY ANIMALS!

We currently work with over 30 small family farms in the Mid-Atlantic region. Please check back soon for their stories!

To learn more about our animals and how they’re raised, please click here.


Our farmers are clever, reflective, and sensitive. They are businessman. They are scientists. They are artists.