Our Model

Bev-with-pigsBefore establishing EcoFriendly Foods in 2001, Bev Eggleston farmed for 12 years in Mendota, Virginia. During these 12 years, he learned firsthand about the many challenges of being a small family farm within a food system dominated by large-scale, corporate-owned, industrial-based agriculture. Worst among these challenges was processing, market access, and distribution. It was in response to these three challenges that Bev and his wife, Janelle, created the EcoFriendly Foods model.

This model offers “eco-friendly” farmers the opportunity to sell their finished animals – live – to EcoFriendly Foods for a premium price, who then handles the rest of the process: slaughter, processing, marketing, distribution, and receivables. This allows the farmer to focus on doing what he loves most and does best – farming. EcoFriendly Foods currently contracts with over 30 pastured meat producers in the Mid-Atlantic region, all of which meet their strict animal welfare standards. To meet some of their farmers, click here.

All of EcoFriendly Foods’ processing is done in-house. They own and manage a multi-species, USDA-inspected, Certified Humane® processing facility in Moneta, Virginia. EcoFriendly Foods also handles all of their own distribution. They own two box trucks, a large pickup truck, and several refrigerated trailers – servicing an extensive network of award-winning, fine-dining restaurants all across the eastern seaboard, from Atlanta to NYC. In addition to restaurants, EcoFriendly Foods also serves consumers directly at various farmers’ markets and retail outlets in the DC Metro area as well as locally, in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia. To learn where you can find EcoFriendly meats, click here.