Meet Our Team

Bev & Janelle Eggleston are the founders of EcoFriendly Foods, but they are surrounded by an amazing team of talented, passionate, hardworking people. The team currently consists of 17 employees at the processing plant in Moneta, VA, dozens of Farmers Market workers in DC, and a whole army of change-agents across the East Coast. Bev & Janelle would be the first to tell you that EcoFriendly Foods wouldn’t still be around if it weren’t for the countless individuals who have fervently served the mission over the years. Selflessly offering their hands, their heads, and their hearts, this tribe of fiery supporters has kept EcoFriendly Foods alive. It is their energy and enthusiasm – and their dreams! – that keeps the heart of this company beating each and every day. 

Bev Eggleston  |  President & Founder

Before establishing EcoFriendly Foods in 2001, Bev farmed for 12 years in Mendota, Virginia. During these 12 years, he learned firsthand about the many challenges of being a small family farm within a food system dominated by large-scale, corporate-owned, industrial-based agriculture. Worst among these challenges was processing, market access, and distribution. It was in response to these three challenges that Bev created the EcoFriendly Foods model. To learn more about our model, click here.

In his spare time, Bev raises pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, and whatever else finds its way onto his farm. Although his life is completely dedicated to the mission of EcoFriendly Foods, Bev’s first love is farming, and he spends as much time as he can with his animals.

Whenever possible, Bev also networks and lobbies tirelessly for national and local legislation to support farmers who utilize regenerative, responsible approaches to growing, harvesting and marketing their products. He has testified twice before Congress (Committee on Oversight and Government Reform), and he currently sits on the Advisory Committee for AGree, whose mission is “to drive positive change in the food and agriculture system by connecting and challenging leaders from diverse communities to catalyze action and elevate food and agriculture policy as a national priority.”

Bev and EcoFriendly Foods have been featured in such well-known publications as TIME Magazine , The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Edible Manhattan, Food and Wine, Bon Appétit, Saveur, and Gourmet Magazine, just to name a few. The company continues to grow in strength and recognition as a leader in sustainable meats and regional food systems.

 Janelle Eggleston  |  Co-Founder, CEO, Plant Manager

Janelle Eggleston oversees Finance, Administration, and Operations. She manages EcoFriendly Foods’ bookkeeping and accounting, operations, and distribution. Janelle’s organizational skills and management experience also include serving as Executive Director of the Bristol (Virginia) Ballet Company, where she managed operating and production budgets and all the school’s operations, marketing, advertising sales and public relations. She also served on boards for the Pro Arts Organization in Wise, Va., and for several regional arts magazines.

 Misty Little  |  Office Manager, Assistant Plant Manager

Mother of 3 (and grandmother of 3), Misty is a strong, fearless woman who knows how to get things done, even in the midst of chaos. Her training is in the field of Nursing, in which she served for 16 years. When her employer went out of business, she decided to explore a career within the management sector of healthcare. During her search, she came across a craigslist ad for Office Manager at EcoFriendly Foods. Not exactly healthcare but certainly related to preventative medicine. Afterall…as the saying goes, you can either “pay the farmer a little bit now, or pay the doctor a whole lot later.” The more Misty learned about the EcoFriendly Foods approach to raising and processing animals, the more intrigued and excited she became. She wanted to be a part of the team – she wanted to be a part of the  movement.

Since joining our team, Misty has really stepped up to the plate. She started off as a basic office secretary – answering phones, entering data, serving customers, etc – but has grown into an Office Manager, an Assistant Plant Manager, and a Sales Assistant to Bev Eggleston. She wears a multitude of hats every single day and somehow still manages to approach every task with focus and fire. We are lucky to have Misty on our team, and we look forward to our continued cooperation and co-creation.
Misty on working for EcoFriendly Foods…
“Not a lot of people can say they really like where they work and what they do, but I can! Since beginning work at EcoFriendly Foods, I have learned so much about the “organic” and small-farmer sustainability movement. It takes a lot of work to keep this office (and the business-as-a-whole) running, but we do it while enjoying each other’s company and knowing that we are making a difference. That’s what keeps us going, even after those stressful days that invariably occur in all businesses. I’m seeing EcoFriendly Foods growing by leaps and bounds, and I am proud to be a part of the movement.”

Jay Faucher  |  Distribution Manager, Retail Sales Associate

Donna Santone  |  HACCP Manager, USDA Relations