Willi Starling

Willi Starling (right) with EFF Founder, Bev Eggleston

Starling Family Farm—The Starling Family Farm, run by Will Starling, specializes in “Pasture Pure” shade/forest-grown pork. Their line of “Farmers Cross” pigs (five-way cross of heritage breeds: Poland China, Chester White, Berkshire, Duroc, and Hampshire) are fed only farm-raised, nutritionally complete feed rations, plus green biomass that the animals forage from the farm fields.

Starling’s pig production system is highly sustainable, and his efforts to keep the farm viable are commendable. The pork tat is produced from his pigs has a beautiful rosy color, tender texture and a medium to heavy fat cover. The internal marbling-external fat rating of these pigs is 7a seven, which is significant in culinary terms for flavor and “mouthfeel” of the finished meat.