Processing Facility

Processing is one of the biggest weak links in the American food chain, especially for small family farms. It was largely in response to this weak link that EcoFriendly Foods was created. Instead of relying on other processors (which are few and far between) to get our meats packaged and ready for sale to the public, we handle all of our own processing in-house. We own and manage a multi-species, USDA-inspected, Certified Humane® processing facility in Moneta, Virginia.

This enables us to have complete control over the entire process of getting meat from the farm gate to your dinner plate. Because of our involvement in all levels of the food chain, we can ensure not only the safety and quality of our meats, but also the humane, respectful slaughtering of our animals, the quality and care of our packaging, and the just treatment of our employees.

While we value and respect the countless farmers out there who are trying to get their meats to the public, they cannot stand behind their product in this kind of way. Sure, they can guarantee how their animals were raised, but they cannot guarantee anything after that point. They don’t know how their animals were handled before and during slaughter. They don’t know how safely and sanitarily their meat was handled during processing and packaging. They don’t even know if the meat that they get back from the processor is entirely from their animals. This is really unfortunate, for the farmer and especially for the consumer, who wants to be sure they’re getting what they pay for.

Our customers understand how difficult it is to find meat that comes with the kind of guarantee that we offer. That’s why they’ve supported us so passionately and loyally for over 10 years. Our model gives them transparency, trust, and peace-of-mind.