Who We Are


Our Mission

To create sustainable networks of enlightened farmers who raise eco-friendly livestock and food crops that nourish people and the land.

Who we are

As a leading proponent of alternative agriculture, EcoFriendly Foods purchases locally grown, specially bred livestock from a regional network of farmers adhering to strict ethical standards, and processes pork, beef, lamb and chicken at its Moneta, Va., facility for sale to leading East Coast restaurateurs and direct-to-consumers at several regional farmers’ markets.

Who we’re for

Our humanely raised, locally produced foods are targeted to enlightened chefs and consumers seeking healthier, more environmentally beneficial alternatives to meat products from large-scale, intensive production systems, which typically compromise animal well-being, harm the environment, and produce products of less-than-ideal culinary quality.

How we’re different

EcoFriendly Foods is a pioneer in sustainable, ethical farming and a leader in promoting the growing of pasture-fed livestock. From its farmer network to its USDA processing plant to its legions of loyal customers, the entire organization is driven by a commitment to innovative, environmentally conscious business operations.

Why that matters

As more consumers grasp the impact of our food system’s eco-footprint, the demand for locally grown foods will continue to expand. By providing marketplace access for farmers practicing alternative agriculture, EcoFriendly Foods can capitalize on growing demand for high-quality, locally grown foods that improve the health of consumers and of the environment.

Want to contact us?

EcoFriendly Foods
3397 Stony Fork Road
Moneta, Virginia 24121
Ph: 540.297.9582
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